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We guarantee quality Nitrile Examination Gloves, Nitrile Disposable Gloves & Latex Examination Gloves which are medically certified and fulfill ISO standards of manufacturing.
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We offer corporate packages if you are bulk purchase for your company. We supply large quantities for corporate customers with specific needs. We provide priority line for YOU if your orders are from government entity, military departments, public health services, SOE, donation & NGOs.
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We want to be your trusted supplier for Coronavirus (Covid-19) essentials, including nitrile gloves and latex gloves that you need.


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To conduct medical examination, diagnostic and therapeutic procedures to protect patient and user from cross contamination or infection.

A great alternative of gloves for no risk of latex allergies.

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High Quality & International Standard

We are an international medical supplier, specializing in latex examination gloves and nitrile examination gloves. Our international network of manufacturers – from India, China, Vietnam, Europe and South East Asia – puts us in good stead to supply price-competitive products to our international buyers.

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